The House is Almost Finished

In fact it was not ever so terrible as it looked when we started and the boss is pretty happy about the time and money which it took to get it right. Myself and a Mexican named Juan have sort of been camping out in this house, for me I just ran out of lease and I figured that I would save the rent money for a couple of months. I am pretty sure Juan is in trouble because of his gambling habit, he was telling about making bets on something called a casino siteleri the other morning. Of course he was talking about betting on the Mexican league in soccer. He told me about it, but I was not really paying much attention and I forgot even what they call their league down there. At any rate the house looks terrific and I am going to stay around here until the boss finds a buyer or a tenant. Juan is not so lucky himself. The boss and he do not get along, because he is always looking for an advance on payday. At any rate they fell out for the last time.

I figure that in few months I could probably save up the down payment for a small house and the boss will likely help me with it. He would have a real hard time doing what he does if he did not have me or some other person who could do all of the stuff that I can do. I am not an electrician, but if you have relatively simple stuff to do, I can do it. Same way I am not a plumber exactly, but in fact I can do almost all of the household stuff that you would call a plumber to do if you had a problem.