I Shall Be Back Home Soon

Of course that is just a plan and so far all of the plans that I have made have not fared well against the reality that I have been facing. The bosses sent me here to do a deal that was never real practical and it seems that the only way I was ever going to get out of it was what happened, the board of directors decided that they had had enough and got me a new boss. I was extremely bored by then, I even did some online gambling on some site called a casino siteleri. I was playing poker at first and I am a good poker player, so I came out ahead. Then I decided to gamble on some soccer matches for the heck of it. I won as much as I lost, but I lost the one match that I be more money on. At the end of it I may have been slightly below where I started out and the entire idea was just to kill some time, so I was not sweating it even a little.

At any rate I have been trying to lose some weight the last couple of weeks. I had no other way to vent my frustrations and so I found a gym and I started to work out. This was a real gym where they were training kickboxers and boxers, which I stayed well away from. Those guys did realize that I was not exactly a babe in the woods though. One of them asked me where I learned to fight, I just smiled and pointed to my globe and anchor tattoo. I got that when I was 17 years old the day that I graduated from boot camp and a year later they decided to put me on the base’s boxing team.